Visual Literacy activities

Activity: Creating Acrostics

Creating Acrostics is an activity created by Claire Collison, designed to enable participants to look more closely, and to provide them with greater confidence that whatever they see in a photograph – and  however they name it – is valid and valuable.

Participants are invited to make an ACROSTIC – a list, where the first letter of each word spells something vertically when read down.

They are asked to compose an acrostic spelling their own names, using the material found in a photograph – or series of photographs.

These words become a poetic initial response to the photographs, as well as a highly personal statement. This helps participants not only to look closely and seek out content, but also provides them with a sense of engagement with the photograph, and ownership of their particular way of looking.

Examples –

Farah‘ becomes: ‘Face – Animal – Rest – Anger – Horse

Isabelle‘ becomes: ‘Ivy in the overgrown house, Streets, Abandoned, Bed, Books, Electricity, Light, Light, Electricity’

These acrostics can be put through ‘WORDLE’ to create diagrams –

Wordle: Hendon Acrostics


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