Parliament Hill School / Visual Literacy activities / Westminster Academy / Yemisi Blake

Activity: Clouds of Colour

Balloon Parli Hill - Session 1

Activity developed by Yemisi Blake.

This practical activity asks participants to create photographs by capturing actions or movement with a range of materials, focusing on composition and shutter speed.

I divided participants into small groups of 2-4. Each group were given a digital camera and a bag of materials including, powder paint, party poppers, washing up liquid, coloured water and balloons.

The task for each group was to create an idea for an action with one or more materials that they would then photograph. Examples included clapping powder paint between the hands, popping a water filled balloon and pouring washing up liquid mixed with paint.

The main focus was for the group to explore how shutter speed could be used to ensure the photographs represented their initial ideas. Some experiments, such as popping balloons happened so quickly that they had to be repeated or ideas had to be adapted. This gave the students a chance to try different shutter speeds or change the composition of the image.

Students were encouraged to review their images and come up with new ideas during the session.


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