Parliament Hill School / Visual Literacy activities / Yemisi Blake

Activity: Impact Words

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This practical activity asks participants to create photographs by capturing actions or movement with a range of materials, focusing on composition and shutter speed.

Split the class into groups of 2-3

1. Give each group each student a tag or slip of paper with an action-based word written on it:

smash, float, divide, fly, impact, ripple, hang, jump, dissolve, freeze

2. Give each student a group of materials.

newspaper, plastic table cloth, tomato, bubbles, ribbons

3. Set students the task of making an image that uses their object(s) to respond to the action word. Encourage them to be playful, try things out that might not work.

4. Once the group has made images from their impact word, they can swap their tags with others.

5. Gather the groups and share images.


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