Parliament Hill School / Visual Literacy activities / Yemisi Blake

Activity: Making Photo Books

This activity developed by Yemisi Blake explores themes of context, subject and form through the process of book making. DSC_0005 The project at Parliament Hill School is coming to an end. The students have created lots of work from the visual literacy workshops over the last few months. For my last workshop, I wanted to run a session that gave them an opportunity to put their learning into practice. Photo books seemed like a good option. Over the last few weeks, the students have been working their personal projects; from to investigations of abandoned urban spaces to recreations of famous paintings. I invited the students to select a series of images to that they would like to feature in their photobook. The students printed our their selection and picked which images they wanted to include and the order. All students printed out their images at either A6 or A5 Size. I demonstrated how to make a simple single signature book. Students could choose the size they wanted. Here’s a helpful tutorial video on making simple photobooks.   We set out the bookmaking materials (see below) on a large table. Students were able to choose the size of their book, colour of the cover and how many pages/ images they wanted to include. DSC_0003 Once the students had made their books they began stick their images onto the pages. They then finished their book covers with an image and a written or typed title. With the books composed and the pages dry, the students finished by writing project/ book descriptions on their first page.

Book3 Book1Book2 Book4

Workshop Materials A4 Card – Various colours A4 paper – White or various colours PVA Glue or Glue sticks Book-binding thread Book-binding needles Bone folder Awl Paper cutting or guillotine Pens/ pencils Art craft knife Cutting mats Eraser


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