Parliament Hill School / Visual Literacy activities / Yemisi Blake

Activity: Mirrored Spaces

This activity was developed by Yemisi Blake for students at Parliament Hill School. It uses mirrors to explore themes of space and place, encouraging students to experiment with splitting and merging different viewpoints.

The group of students at Parliament Hill are focusing on themes of space and place. I developed a workshop activity to facilitate them exploring how mirrors allow us to be creative when photographing spaces.

I started by sharing the work of two photographers that have used mirrors in their work (Francesca Woodman/ Tim Head).

From Angel Series, Roma, September 1977 1977 by Francesca Woodman 1958-1981


EQUILIBRIUM 1975 , Tim Head









1. The group then discussed what they could see and how the photographer had created each image. There varying views on how Woodman was able to made an image without seeing the photographer. They also spoke about how Tim Head’s use of mirrors to reveal the often hidden surfaces of a knife could be applied to other objects.

2. Following our discussion I shared the four focus points for the session:

  • Cameras allow us to make one single view point per frame or shot.
  • Working with mirrors and reflective surfaces we can split, merge or multiply different spaces.
  • We can be experimental, explore different compositions and angles.
  • We can play with reality and illusion.


3. The class then split into groups of two or three. Each group was given a selection of different sized mirrors, with the following task:


Using mirrors: make a series of images with that interact with the the space around you.

Can  you see around corners?

What’s happening behind you?

Can you bring two spaces together?

4. The session ended with a sharing of the groups’ images.


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