Helen Cammock / Hendon School / Visual Literacy activities

Activity: Visual Literacy Quiz

Y10 Photography GCSE group photo

This visual literacy quiz was developed by Helen Cammock as a way of supporting the students to reflect on an exhibition they has visited. It encourages team building and valuing different opinions and perspectives.

Step by Step:

  1. Split your group into teams (of between 4 and 6)
  2. Ask the team to give themselves a name (this begins to develop the sense of co-operation and need for collaboration). This shouldn’t be a long drawn out process – just a beginning point and if the group find it difficult to find a name together call the groups A, B, C etc
  3. Let the group know that some of the answers require the group to respond creatively and that here there aren’t right or wrong answers – the key is to decide between the group which answers they want to give as their answer.
  4. To this end each group must confer and decide on answers together.
  5. Then begin the questions – using the numbered slideshow.
  6. For questions that the teams find difficult (or haven’t yet covered in their work so far) use this as an opportunity to develop a dialogue and discuss concepts or technique.
  7. The discussions that happen in the teams are a really valuable element of this activity.
  8. Attached is the slideshow and the list of questions.

The role of the facilitator is to stimulate discussion and to encourage the exchange of creative ideas between participants/students.

You will need to create an image powerpoint that is relevant to the age/level of your group or that is relevant to previous activities you have already undertaken.


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