Nadia Bettega / Pimlico Academy / Visual Literacy activities

Activity: Atmosphere of a place


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How to communicate the feeling of a place.

How to make something look scary.

Materials needed:





PowerPoint illustrating “The Factory Photographs” by David Lynch

Prepare talk about role of colour, composition, texture, role of the exterior vs. interior, time of year, type of place, other themes associated with the work (e.g. loss, abandonment, industrialisation, death).


a) Show PowerPoint beginning with David Lynch Factories Series.  What sort of photos are these, what feeling do they evoke, how does the photographer achieve this (environment, time of year, composition, view point) Discuss.

b) Distribute cameras – each student/student pair gets a camera. Show them how to change the setting from colour to B&W. If you have DSLR cameras show them how to use Aperture Priority, high ISO, focus settings.

c) Students are asked to:

Take a series of images which illustrate their immediate environment in a scary way

Pay attention to composition (frames within frames, perspective)

Pay attention to spaces or areas that might feel abandoned, cold, dead (pick up on themes that the students themselves have raised previously)

Are there any areas that feel similar to what you have seen in David Lynch’s series? If so, how can you represent these?

Will you include people in the photograph? If so how will you direct them

Think about your framing

If you are using DSLR cameras think about what you are keeping within focus and out of focus. What do you want the audience to focus on?

d) Students to edit the work afterwards, choose 3 favourites and put in edit file. (Images to be selected for editing and peer review in the next session).


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