Nadia Bettega / Pimlico Academy / Visual Literacy activities

Activity: Experimenting with viewpoint and street photography

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 Candid shots of teachers/students

Materials needed:



Computer with access to internet/video



PowerPoint illustrating “Last Stop” by George Georgiou’s

Prepare talk about role of colour, composition, view point/perspective (high vs low), role of posed vs. spontaneous images, everyday life how it has been captured.

Load video where George talks about his work


  1. Show PowerPoint beginning with George Georgious “Last Stop” Series.  What sort of photos are these, what do they evoke, who is in the photographs, what time is this (contemporary or historical), which city is it, what is the role of composition, what is the role of perspective, wide angle etc is it posed or staged, how do you know? Discuss.
  2. Show video link illustrating the artists perspective and rationale
  3. Distribute cameras – each student/student pair gets a camera. Show them how to zoom in and out, how to keep a wide angle. If you have DSLR cameras show them how to use Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, high ISO, focus settings. As it is a street photography exercise, if the students want the frame to be still/focused, the shutter speed needs to be adequately fast (or the day very bright).

c) Students are asked to:

Take a series of images which illustrate their immediate environment in a candid way

Pay attention to composition (street perspective vs sense of height)

Pay attention to surrounding area – how can the students pick up modern queues in the photographs

Are there any areas that feel similar to what you have seen in George Georgious Last Stop series? If so, how can you represent these?

Will you include people in the photograph? If so how will you ensure that you capture them unaware? Practice taking photos incognito

e) Students to edit the work afterwards, choose 3 favourites and put in edit file. (Images to be selected for editing and peer review in the next session)


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